Harran Jesse Williams

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Harran has been exposed to music and more specifically the drums, all of his life.  Harran’s parents were studio/touring musicians which allowed him to travel with them to many rehearsals and gigs around the world.  Growing up, Harran has played and performed for large and small audiences in various venues including professional sports stadiums, university halls, theaters, clubs, churches and bars.  Harran has also played multiple instruments in various groups from timpani in full size orchestras to the vibraphone in jazz trios.  Currently, when not jamming with Platinum Groove, Harran plays drums/percussion in musicals for theaters and schools, donates his time as a percussion instructor to the Delran High School marching band as well as his time to Abundant Life Fellowship Church as their drummer.  When it comes to music, if Harran is not out gigging, rehearsing or practicing, he likes to work on creating/producing music for fun.